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menuAF-5G34-S45 Quick Start Guide

Package Contents

Dish Reflector
Antenna Feed
Mount Bracket
Protective Shroud
Pole Clamps (Qty. 2)
Stabilizer Brackets (Qty. 2)
RF Cables (Qty. 2)
Elevation Rod
M12x180 Carriage Bolts (Qty. 4)
M10x100 Bolts (Qty. 2)
M10x25 Carriage Bolts (Qty. 3)
M4 Screws (Qty. 6)

Installation Requirements

Hardware Installation

IMPORTANT: Handle the Dish Reflector with care. Deformations in its shape may reduce the antenna’s effectiveness.

  1. IMPORTANT: The Dish Reflector and Antenna Feed are keyed so the Antenna Feed can only be installed in a single orientation.

    IMPORTANT: Do not handle the antenna by the Antenna Feed once the feed is connected.

  2. Note: The magnetic GPS antenna is included with the airFiber radio. Place it on the Dish Reflector (this is temporary; you will place the GPS antenna on the GPS antenna mount later).

Mounting the GPS Antenna

Locate a mounting point that has a clear view to the sky, and is above and as far away as possible from the antenna.

Note: All GPS items are included with the airFiber radio.

  2. OR




1050 x 1050 x 421 mm (41.34 x 41.34 x 16.57")


13.5 kg (29.76 lb)
(Mount Included)


5.1 - 5.8 GHz


34 dBi



Wind Survivability

200 km/h (125 mph)

Wind Loading

1,779 N @ 200 km/h (400 lb @ 125 mph)


Dual Linear

F/B Ratio

42 dB

ETSI Specification

EN 302 326 DN2


Universal Pole Mount, airFiber Radio Bracket, and Weatherproof RF Jumpers Included