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Package Contents

UniFi Switch Leaf
Rackmount Brackets (Qty. 2)
Bracket Screws (Qty. 8)
Mounting Screws (Qty. 4)
Cage Nuts (Qty. 4)
Long Slide Rail Brackets (Qty. 2)
Short Slide Rail Brackets (Qty. 2)
Slide Rail Bracket Screws (Qty. 4)
Rail Mounting Screws (Qty. 4)
Square Hole Washers (Qty. 4)
SFP28 (25G) DAC Cable, 1 m
Power Cords (Qty. 2)
Rubber Feet (Qty. 4)

System Requirements

IMPORTANT: We strongly recommend using UPS backup and power regulation to prevent equipment damage due to stability issues with local AC power.

Hardware Overview

Touchscreen Display

Bootup Animation


Steady White

Factory defaults, waiting for adoption.

Steady Blue

Successfully adopted by a network and working properly.

Location Animation

This indicates that you clicked Locate in the UniFi Controller software. The software will also display the location of the device on the map.

SFP28 10G/25G Link/Activity LED (Ports 1 - 48)


No Link


Link Established at 10/25 Gbps

Flashing Indicates Activity

QSFP28 40G/100G Link/Activity LED (Ports 49 - 54)


No Link


Link Established at 40/100 Gbps

Flashing Indicates Activity

QSFP28 40G/100G (Ports 49 - 54)

QSFP28 ports support 40/100 Gbps connections. These are the supported connection types:

  • Optical transceivers QSFP28 (40G/100G)
  • Direct Attach Cable (DAC) QSFP28 (40G/100G)

SFP28 10G/25G (Ports 1 - 48)

SFP28 ports support 10/25 Gbps connections. These are the supported connection types:

  • Optical transceivers SFP28 (10G/25G)
  • Direct Attach Cable (DAC) SFP28 (10G/25G)

Reset Button

This button serves two functions for the UniFi Switch:

  • Restart Press and release the Reset button quickly.
  • Restore to Factory Default Settings Press and hold the Reset button for more than five seconds.

USB Console Port

The USB Type C console port is for CLI management, which is also available via SSH after initial network settings are configured via USB. For more information, go to: help.ui.com

Note: You have two management options:

  • UniFi Controller Software
  • CLI

You cannot use both simultaneously; otherwise, changes may not be implemented properly.

PSU (Ports 1 - 2)

The 1+1 redundant power ports have dual power supplies built in. Connect the included Power Cords to the Power ports.

Installation Requirements

Hardware Installation

The USW-Leaf has airflow ventilation from front to rear. Orient the rear panel towards the hot aisle.

  1. OR

  2. OR

Connecting Power

Connecting SFP28

Initial Setup via Bluetooth

  2. Follow the on-screen instructions.

UniFi Controller Software

The initial setup allows you to adopt the UniFi Switch later. After initial setup, there are two methods available to adopt the UniFi Switch via the UniFi Controller software:




442.4 x 440 x 43.7 mm
(17.42 x 17.32 x 1.72")


7.5 kg (16.5 lb)

With Rackmount Brackets8.5 kg (18.7 lb)


Networking(48) 10/25G SFP28 Ethernet Ports
(6) 40/100G QSFP28 Ethernet Ports
Management(1) Bluetooth BLE
(1) USB Type C Port Out-of-Band

Power Method

100-240VAC, 4A Max, 50/60 Hz, x 2

Power Supply

(2) AC/DC, Internal 350W

Supported Voltage Range

100 to 240VAC

Max. Power Consumption

Excluding SFP28/QSFP28 Modules175W
Including Full SFP28/QSFP28 Modules350W


SFP28 Data PortsLink/Activity
QSFP28 Data PortsLink/Activity

ESD/EMP Protection

Air: ± 12 kV, Contact: ± 12 kV

Shock and Vibration

ETSI300-019-1.4 Standard

Operating Temperature

-5 to 40° C (23 to 104° F)

Operating Humidity

10 to 90% Noncondensing