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Package Contents

Mounting Bracket
Double-Sided Adhesive
Self-Tapping Screws (Qty. 2)
Screw Anchors (Qty. 2)

System Requirements

Hardware Overview

RP-SMA Antenna Connector

You can connect an optional external LTE antenna (not included). If you are not using an external antenna, then you can cover the connector with the RP-SMA Cap.

Reset Button

The Reset Button serves two functions:

  • Restart Press and release the Reset button quickly.
  • Restore to Factory Default Settings Press and hold the Reset button for more than five seconds, until the display indicates “Factory Reset”.


This Gigabit Ethernet port is used for bridging and can provide passive PoE to a device.


This Gigabit Ethernet port is used to connect the power and should be connected to the LAN and DHCP server. 803.2at PoE+ can be provided by an 802.3at PoE+ switch, such as a UniFi PoE Switch.

LCD Screen

Displays status information, including the LTE signal strength.

Installation Requirements

WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this product to rain or moisture.

Note: Although the cabling can be located outdoors, the U-LTE itself should be housed inside a protective enclosure.

Hardware Installation

The U-LTE can be mounted in three ways:

Screw Mount

Proceed to “Connecting Ethernet”.

Adhesive Mount

Proceed to “Connecting Ethernet”.

Desktop Mount

Connecting Ethernet



You will do the following:

If the primary WAN 1 or 2 goes offline, then the configured networks fail over to the U-LTE.


  1. In the UniFi Controller, click the Devices tab. The U-LTE should be automatically detected and begin the setup wizard; proceed to step 2. Otherwise, select the U-LTE and click Adopt.

  2. Click Setup LTE.

  3. For your ui.com account, enter your email address or username and password. Select I agree to the Terms of Service and click Next.

    If you do not have a ui.com account, click Create a new ui.com account and follow the on-screen instructions.

  4. For payment information, enter the following:
    • Credit card number
    • Expiration month and year in this format: MM/YY
    • CVC (Card Verification Code) on the back of your card

    Click Next.

  5. The U-LTE will reboot. It can take up to 20 minutes to activate on the cellular network. Click Done to close this screen.

Using the U-LTE

To monitor data usage, click the U-LTE on the Devices screen. Its Properties panel will appear.

Click the Settings icon to access the following:

Click Apply to save changes.

When LTE failover is active, an alert will appear in the Properties panel and the Controller’s list of alerts.

Note: LTE failover is active by default.

An alert will appear when LTE failover is activated or deactivated.




66 x 202.12 x 32.2 mm

(2.60 x 7.96 x 1.27")


Without Mounting200 g (7.06 oz)
With Mounting316 g (11.15 oz)


Networking(2) 10/100/1000 RJ45 Ports
WP7603 LTE
ManagementEthernet, Bluetooth

Max. Power Consumption


with PoE Passthrough16W*

PoE Out

48V Passthrough (Pins 1, 2+; 3, 6-)

Power Method

(Pairs 1, 2+; 3, 6-; Pairs 4, 5+; 7, 8-)

Power Supply

UniFi PoE Switch

Supported Voltage Range

44 to 57VDC


1.54" Display

LTE Category

Cat 4

LTE Bands



LTE(1) 2x2
2.4 GHz(1) 1x1

2.4 GHz Antenna Gain

1.5 dBi

BT Operating Frequency

2400 - 2483.5 MHz



Operating Temperature

-10 to 50° C (14 to 122° F)

Operating Humidity

5 to 95% Noncondensing



* Requires 802.3at PoE+ switch.