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Package Contents

EdgePower EP-24V-72W
Mount Brackets (Qty. 2)
Bracket Screws (Qty. 8)
Wall Mount Screws (Qty. 2)
Wall Mount Anchors (Qty. 2)
Power Cord
Power Cable with DC Jack
Power Cable with Ring Terminals

Installation Requirements

For wall-mounting:

Note: Although the cabling can be located outdoors, the EdgePower itself should be housed inside a protective enclosure.

Hardware Overview

System LED

Flashing White

Bootup in progress.


Ready for use, not connected to Ubiquiti Internet Service Provider (UISP).


Ready for use, connected to UISP.

Steady Blue with Occasional Flashing

Ready for use, unable to connect to UISP, check connection to UISP server.

Quickly Flashing Blue

Used to locate a device in UISP.

Alternating Blue/White

Firmware upgrade in progress.

PoE LED (Ports 1 - 2)


No Power over Ethernet


24V Power over Ethernet

Link/Activity LED (Ports 1 - 2)


No Link


Link Established at 10/100 Mbps

Amber Flashing

Link Activity at 10/100 Mbps

RJ45 (Ports 1 - 2)

RJ45 switch ports support 10/100 Ethernet connections and 24V Passive Power over Ethernet (PoE) output.

Reset Button

To reset to factory defaults:

  1. Disconnect power from the device.
  2. Reconnect power while holding the Reset button. The port LEDs will repeatedly light up in sequential order (this takes approximately five seconds).
  3. When both port LEDs flash twice at the same time, release the Reset button.

DC Out

Connect the Power Cable with DC Jack to this terminal block for 24V, 3A output.

Battery In

Optional: Connect the Power Cable with Ring Terminals to a 12V lead acid battery (not included).

Note: The external battery may be used as a hot backup. It will provide continuous power in the event of an interruption or loss of power on the Power port.

Power Port

Connect the included Power Cord.

Hardware Installation

The EdgePower can be mounted on a horizontal surface, mounted on a vertical surface, or mounted in a rack (rackmount accessory not included).

WARNING: The EdgePower must not be stacked. Do not place it on top of another device. Do not place anything on top of the EdgePower.

Connecting Power

Use the included Power Cord to power the EdgePower. You can also use the Battery Input option as a hot backup.

Using the Power Cord

Using the Battery Input (Optional)

For redundant power backup, connect an external 12VDC battery (not included) to the EdgePower.

Note: Only one power source can be used at any one time. With both power sources connected, the AC input will be used; the battery input defaults to backup.

Connecting Ethernet

WARNING: Before enabling PoE passthrough in the EdgePower Configuration Interface, ensure that the connected PoE device supports 24V Passive PoE.

Connecting DC Output

Accessing the Configuration Interface

Access the EdgePower Configuration Interface to monitor status and power consumption, or to configure 24V Passive PoE and network settings.

Note: The EdgePower is set to DHCP by default with a fallback IP address of

  1. Launch your web browser. Type the appropriate IP address in the address field. Press enter (PC) or return (Mac).

  2. Enter ubnt in the Username and Password fields. Click Login.

The EdgePower Configuration Interface will appear. Customize additional settings as needed. For 24V Passive PoE configuration, refer to “Configuring PoE Settings”.

UISP Management

You can manage your device using UISP, which lets you configure, monitor, upgrade, and back up your devices using a single application. Get started at uisp.ui.com

Configuring PoE Settings

The PoE setting for ports 1-2 is set to Off by default.

WARNING: Before activating PoE, ensure that the connected device supports passive PoE and the supplied voltage.

  1. In the EdgePower Configuration Interface, click the Power tab.
  2. For the appropriate port, click to enable 24V Passive PoE.
  3. Click Save Changes.




192 x 43.7 x 115 mm
(7.559 x 1.72 x 4.528")


650 g (1.43 lb)


Networking(2) 10/100 Mbps RJ45 Ports
ManagementEthernet In-Band

PoE Output

(2) 24VDC Passive PoE
(Pins 4, 5+; 7, 8-)

DC Output

24V, 3A

Power Method

AC Input100-240VAC, 50-60 Hz, Universal Input
Battery InputDC Terminal Block

Power Supply

AC InputAC/DC 72W
Battery Input12VDC Lead Acid Battery*

Max. Power Consumption



RJ45 Data PortsPoE; Link/Activity

ESD/EMP Protection

Air: ± 12 kV, Contact: ± 12 kV

Operating Temperature

0 to 40° C (32 to 104° F)

Operating Humidity

10 to 90% Noncondensing



* Battery not included.